Why Pride?


By Jess Grover & Alissa Paxton (Peterborough Provincial & Federal Women’s Reps)

Peterborough is a community full of amazing events from rural agricultural fairs, to film festivals, and fundraisers. As a riding association we want to have a presence everywhere but need to make tough choices based on our policy priorities and the limitations of our budget and volunteers’ time.

But there is one community event where we’ve had a consistent presence over the last decade: Peterborough Pride and there are a number of reasons why:



- At its core Pride is about family and love and those are things we can all get behind.

- Pride is political. When a marginalized group takes up space in an inviting and inclusive way to demand their equal rights, as allies it’s important for us stand with them.

- Our queer youth need to know that they are loved and welcomed. The rate of suicide among LGBTQ youth is 7x times higher than their straight/cisgendered peers and often they aren’t finding the support they need in their families and schools.

- The rights of transfolk are still not protected federally in the same way as other marginalized groups (read more about NDP private members’ bill C-279).

- We’ve had a Pride celebration locally for eleven years and equal marriage for ten years but there’s still a lot of work to do as is evidenced from the common occurrence of homophobic hate crimes still happening on our streets.

- Whether we are queer ourselves, have LGBTQ friends or family members, or are simply proud allies: we are the LGBTQ community.

- And finally: Pride is a fabulous party! Who doesn’t smile at the sight of a rainbow parade snaking through the city to a great soundtrack?


Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters who made our presence at this year’s Peterborough Pride a success despite the wet weather, and to Federal President, Cat Dickinson, for taking these great photos (find more on our Facebook page).

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