We Live in Tumultuous Times - Notice of Upcoming General Meeting

We live in tumultuous times. In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty's Liberals brought us the Ornge scandal, mishandled two politically motivated gas plant projects and passed Bill 115, a law they knew to be unconstitutional and have now repealed; but the damage has already been done. Labour leaders fear this draconian bill will set a precedent for future erosion of workers' rights by undermining the collective bargaining rights of 136,000 teachers and tens of thousands of support staff. Tim Hudak’s Conservatives supported them in this drastic action while only Andrea and the Ontario NDP stood against it. Meanwhile, across Canada, the Harper Conservatives have gutted environmental protections, cut employment insurance benefits and reduced eligibility, raised the age of OAS benefits to 67 and rubber-stamped the takeover of the oil-extraction firm Nexen by a Chinese state-owned corporation.

Only the NDP is standing up for workers' rights, the environment, social services and keeping our vital national resources owned by Canadians and First Nations.

The NDP strives to make meetings accessible to all members. If you have specific accessibility needs, please send an email to president@peterboroughndp.ca and we will contact you.

Anyone with a resolution for the meeting is strongly encouraged to review the Guide to Resolutions and the Policy Book before drafting their resolution. The Policy Book provides the basis for debate at all conventions. The Guide to Resolutions explains the best ways to format the three types of resolutions handled at convention: policy resolutions, statements and directives, and constitutional amendments.

Please note that the Guide to Resolutions limits the whereas clauses (preamble) to under 50 words and strongly encourages that resolutions be kept under 100 words. If you are able to submit your resolution in advance to president@peterboroughndp.ca we will be able to project it on-screen at the meeting.

You can find these lengthy documents here and under Important Documents. However, if you need hard copies, contact us and we will make them accessible to you.

The Executive has voted to support a resolution on Proportional Representation put forward by New Democrats for Fair Voting: we submit it for your approval to send to Convention. If you have a resolution you would like us to consider, please forward it to president@peterboroughndp.ca. Resolutions to be discussed need to be received no later than Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

Since 2004, the Peterborough provincial and federal riding association executives have been elected jointly and met jointly under a Letter of Understanding passed by each association. With the upcoming changes to the number of ridings in Ontario and their boundaries, the ONDP Provincial Executive feels we need to have separate provincial and federal riding executives, meeting separately, each focused on the distinct work that needs to done to send New Democrats as our elected representatives to Queens Park and Parliament Hill respectively. In light of this, we need the membership to elect two separate executives. We're hoping to keep on the great people we have now but new officers are always welcome. If you need more information, contact president@peterboroughndp.ca.

The Association has also been preparing for a provincial election that could happen as early as this Spring. The Candidate Search Committee has been contacting potential candidates and the Election Planning Committee has been begun preparing the election plan. The next step is to choose a candidate. We need you to come out to do that. Pending final approval, and barring circumstances that would warrant postponement, we intend to hold our provincial Nomination Meeting at:

ONDP Nomination Meeting

Peterborough Public Library Auditorium

Thursday, February 28, 2013

6:30 – 9 PM (doors open at 6)

Currently, we have two declared candidates – Dave Nickle and Steven Soos – but we encourage further nominations and you can also self-nominate. Please send your nomination to president@peterboroughndp.ca. Candidates need to contact us as soon as possible to declare their intentions so that we can get their paperwork in to the Ontario NDP. If you are contemplating running but have questions, contact us.

Note that you need to be a member in good standing to speak and vote in these meetings. If you're on a PAC, that is, you have automatic monthly donations withdrawn from your bank account, then you don't need to do anything. Your membership is automatically renewed. If not, you need to renew manually. The easiest way to renew is by credit card online at: www.peterboroughndp.ca/becomeamember

If you don't have a credit card or can't renew online for some other reason, you can renew at either of these meetings in person or contact our Membership Secretary, Barry Boyce at membership@peterboroughndp.ca.

As I'm sure you can imagine, all of this costs money – every mailing, every meeting, and all our preparations for what could be an election only months away. We need your help. If you can give us $100, $200, $50, $25 or any amount that you are able to, you’ll be helping us prepare to take on the Liberals and PCs and replace our MPP with someone that stands up for your values – defending the rights of workers, defending the environment, and defending and enhancing our health care. Every dollar brings us closer to achieving a Canada where our prosperity is shared with all Canadians – and shared sustainably.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you soon in February!

 Yours in Solidarity,

Autumn Corvus


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