Summer Isn't Long Enough for College and University Students

Summer isn't long enough for college and university students to earn enough income to pay for a year's worth of tuition, books, and living expenses, assuming they are able to find summer employment at all. (The youth unemployment rate is 14.8 percent, and the situation isn't expected to improve anytime soon.) And rising tuition rates have made a post-secondary education increasingly unaffordable, particularly here in Ontario, where tuition fees have skyrocketed in recent years (by 5.4 percent last year, according to Statistics Canada).

In a recent article in The National Post, economist Armine Yalnizyan noted how much less affordable a university education is today than it was a generation ago. "Back in 1979, it took six weeks working the minimum wage full-time to cover my full-time undergraduate tuition in Toronto. Working all summer, I covered my books, administration fees, rent, and food, and even had some beer money left over. Today's typical student in Ontario has to work 16 weeks at the minimum wage to cover just the cost of tuition, let alone anything else." 

The NDP believes that the success of our country depends on access to an educated population. Earlier this year, Rathika Sitsabaiesan (Scarborough-Rouge River) and Deputy Post-Secondary Education Critic Matthew Dubey (Chambly-Borders) supported students gathered on Parliament Hill in calling upon the federal government to increase funding to education, reduce tuition fees, and address the record high student debt crisis.

It's a better way forward into the future.

What do you think are the solutions to the student debt crisis? Have your say in the comments below.

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