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Sheila's signs

The Office is OPEN and the Signs are IN!! 


This community has given the Liberals 11 years to bring jobs to Peterborough. But, we still have one of the highest unemployment records in the Country – 11.6%, that’s 40% higher than the rest of the Country!

It’s time for an aggressive job creation strategy and that’s what I intend to do. That’s why I am representing you in this Riding. And, that’s why I want to go to Queens Park. It’s time for change.

We are the Party that stands up for everyone. Families are having difficulty making ends meet. Inequality is growing. And good jobs are leaving our community. That's not right.

Every day, Andrea announces policies that make sense for Ontarians – taking the HST off home hydro bills, giving tax credits to job creators, making child care centres more affordable and available. Andrea will deliver a budget that puts you first.

I’m proud to work for a Party that puts forward solutions that will deliver results. And, I’m proud to work for you!

Now, I’m asking you to come out and work for change. Andrea believes we can win this Riding. She has sent us a top NDP campaigner from Alberta, donations are rolling in and we’re ready to win.

The office will officially be open on Thursday.
Come in and help! Volunteer, donate, canvas, put up a signs. Let’s send a candidate to Queens Park!
Now we need you! Stop by the office at 157 Charlotte St. or call 705-741-3244.

Let's show Peterborough who we want as our MPP!

Working for you,

Sheila Wood

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