Resolution on Sustainability for 2014 ONDP Convention

An Open Letter to ONDP Riding Executives

Dear Executive Members:
Peterborough Riding sends you greetings along with an idea for collaboration. Below you will find a Provincial resolution that we hope you will pass at your next general meeting, joining with other ridings across the province. The resolution urges the Provincial Party to use the concept of 'sustainability' – integrating social, economic, environmental and cultural issues - as a way to coordinate all policies of the party in a common front to combat climate change. This focus brings strength to related issues such as jobs, health, and education, among many others.

In Peterborough, we have been increasingly aware of the potential long–term costs and traumas of climate chaos...witness the winter extremes across the continent, for example. Because of a local initiative that developed a Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan, the integrated model of sustainability has proved itself as a viable theory leading to concrete goal & priority setting and action that will help stop climate chaos. Please visit for more information.

Furthermore, Canadians seem much more aware of the damage potential of climate chaos after last summer's flooding in Alberta and Toronto. To support this:

1. A recent poll says that 64% - almost 2/3 of Canadians - believe that climate change is happening and believe that it is human induced.

2. In a grade 10 lesson on climate change, while explaining the idea of 350 parts per million being a crucial level of co2, a young man from the back row spoke up with concern – "it's just passed 400 ppms". He knew that 350 was the maximum co2 concentration needed to keep global temperatures from rising uncontrollably. So far we've gone up 1 degree. Only 1 more degree is required before we could face runaway climate change.

In summary:

Climate change and its disastrous effects on weather, oceans, crops, animals and humans will demand innovative policies for the next 20 -30 years! How do we in the New Democratic Party approach this crisis?

1. Peterborough Riding has drafted a resolution that calls on the Provincial New Democrats to acknowledge the importance of climate change, and urges the party to review all its policies through the lens of sustainability – based on the inter-dependence of the environmental, economic, cultural and social sectors of our communities and our province. Please review the resolution with your members and pass it in the lead up to this November’s Provincial Convention.

2. Sustainability must be the foundation of our election platform with our policies connecting and mutually supporting Sustainability. Youth understand how much this is needed. They are very concerned about their future! Seniors get it. No other party does. The planet needs sustainable efforts. We have no moral choice.

Change must come from the bottom and the top. We ridings have the chance to lead here. Please write a letter to Andrea Horvath outlining the policy change you are supporting.

If your riding passes this resolution at a general meeting, please let us know (and include the date of your meeting) so we can add your name to the resolution when we submit it to Convention.

In Solidarity,
Jim Gill
President, Peterborough Provincial Riding Association

For additional information or to request a speaker on this issue:

Linda Slavin; Agnes Macphail Award winner, 5-time NDP Candidate

Alan Slavin; Physicist, Professor Emeritus, Trent University



From the Peterborough Provincial NDP Riding Association

Adopted at December 1, 2013 Annual General Meeting

Also Adopted by: Halton (April 12, 2014 Annual General Meeting)

Whereas climate change is the definitive issue of the next thirty years and threatens the ongoing and future prosperity, well-being and ecological health of Ontarians and Ontario; and


Whereas our response to climate change must be a move towards long-term sustainability in all of our actions; and

Whereas 'sustainability' is characterized by the integration of economic, social, cultural and environmental issues in such a way as to ensure communities can build prosperity, well-being and an environmentally sound future while mitigating the effects of climate change;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party of Ontario adopt the principle of 'sustainability' as the core tenant guiding the development of all new and existing policy, party actions, and the development of election campaign platforms; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a sub-committee of the Provincial Council be struck with the mandate of drafting an amendment to ‘Article 2: Principles’ of the Constitution of the New Democratic Party of Ontario, for consideration at the next provincial convention, to include the principle of sustainability, where sustainability is characterized by the integration of economic, social, cultural and environmental issues to create a sound and prosperous future for all Ontarians.



Article 2: Principles

The provincial Party will unite progressive people and organizations into a party democratically controlled and openly financed by its membership.  It will, with all the resources at its command, extend the policies and program on a provincial level of the New Democratic Party (of Canada).  It will endeavour to establish in this province a government whose object shall be to substitute economic planning for irresponsible control with all its unjust consequences and thereby to give maximum opportunity for public, co-operative, and private enterprise to contribute to the development of our province.  To this end we will invite the co-operation of all persons who are dedicated to the extension of freedom, the abolition of poverty and the elimination of exploitation.


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