Strengthening Health Care, Strengthening Peterborough

There are two fundementally different views on the future of Healthcare in this country.

The first makes your health out as a profitable commodity, exchanging our single-payer funding for more expensive multi-payer insurance and reallocating the increased costs of ideological privitization onto individuals whether they can afford it or not. This view is being pushed through action and inaction by the Harper and Hudak Conservatives and by large multinational corporations with legal loopholes.

Only through the practice of preventive medicine will we keep the costs from becoming so excessive that the public will decide that Medicare is not in the best interests of the people of the country” said Tommy Douglas.

This second view recognizes Healthcare as a public good, a social resource which affects all aspects of our lives. Good health means quality time with family and friends. It means going to school, work or volunteering. It means energy to pursue whatever your goals and passions. It understands Universal Medicare is an affordable enterprise which saves individuals and businesses time and money. It understands investing in preventative medicine, pharmacare and home health measures have the potential to improve accessability, equality and save Canadians' lives and money.

There are ideas that make sense, and others that make cents, and a few that make both.

Strengthening Healthcare with the NDP is one of them.

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