The Party You Can Count On

Monday, 04 October 2010 10:52 Mike Epp

Recently I received some interesting news from the (very hardworking) executive member who monitors our Peterborough NDP telephone line.

In the last month, three local residents turned to the Peterborough NDP because they were not being listened to by any government office and had problems that were not being solved.  One was a neighbourhood dispute which the municipality was unable to resolve; one was frustration over the inability to be heard by a lawyer in a family matter; and the third was from a worker who needed information about her rights.

At the time of our last Executive meeting, one had been resolved, one was being addressed and the third had just come in. All have now been resolved (thanks to our executive member!) with many thanks from the callers.

I think this says a lot about the lack of real political representation we have in Peterborough. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives appear truly committed to representing everyone.  It is precisely this commitment that makes the NDP unique, truly democratic, and absolutely necessary.

This also says a lot about how effective the NDP can be even when we aren't in power, and about how, when in crisis, the people of Peterborough know they can count on us.