The Peterborough NDP Dispatch

Thank You Friends!

Dear Friends:


I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your dedicated efforts in this campaign as we achieved an amazing result for fairness and democracy...

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Dave Nickle for Peterborough-Kawartha

Campaign Webpage (including events):
For daily updates and policy discussion, follow Dave on Facebook or Twitter

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Dave Nickle

On Monday, October 19th the riding of Peterborough-Kawartha will have the chance to vote with their values and elect Dave Nickle as their Member of Parliament.

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Climate Change Accountability Act

We all know that climate change caused by greenhouse gases (GHGs), emitted by humans, is already endangering our planet.  It will reduce global food supplies; cause the extinction of up...

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Some Thoughts on Mulcair's Plan for Childcare

By Jess Grover (Peterborough-Kawartha Federal Women's Representative) 

Canada can’t work without childcare.

This fact was acknowledged in an act during the World War II when Canada’s federal government created a...

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Join the Campaign to elect the next Peterborough MPP!

Sheila's signs

The Office is OPEN and the Signs are IN!! 


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Resolution on Sustainability for 2014 ONDP Convention

An Open Letter to ONDP Riding Executives

Dear Executive Members:
Peterborough Riding sends you greetings along with an idea for collaboration. Below...

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Candidate Bio - Sheila Wood

Editors' note/update: Congratulations to Sheila who won the nomination and is now our NDP Candidate in the next Provincial Election!


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Concerns and Reflections of a Grandmother Regarding Early Childhood Learning and Child Care

By Kathryn Langley, Federal Member-At-Large & Grandmother of Bronwyn (5), Grayson (5), Ainsley (3), and Maelle (2)

Recently, I heard several young women in their 30s talking about children and...

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Women in Politics

Women in Politics: It’s about substance, not style

By Sheila Wood, Provincial Chief Financial Officer

Years ago, when women were supposedly liberating themselves from male dominance some “bright” corporate marketing...

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